Chandler Chamber of Commerce Endorsement

Chandler Chamber of Commerce Endorsement

Congratulations! On behalf of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors we are pleased to announce your endorsement for the 2020 election.  

The mission statement of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce contemplates a proactive approach to governmental affairs to the benefit of the business community it represents and to maintain and improve quality of life. The Chandler Chamber’s decision to recommend candidates for political office, in addition to its historically strong positions on legislative issues, increases the Chamber’s ability to shape and improve the political process on behalf of our membership.  

The Chandler Chamber of Commerce chooses candidates who will best represent them in the Arizona State Primary Election. In an effort to educate our community on the available choices, the Chamber’s Good Government Committee interview process determined whether candidates were aligned with the Chamber’s pro-business position

The Chandler Chamber goes to great lengths in vetting all candidates to ensure they will meet and respond to the needs of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce and the local business community. 

Congratulations on your endorsement!      

Molly Bell
2020 Board Chair
Chandler Chamber of Commerce                                                      

Sally Putnam
2020 Good Government Committee Chair
Chandler Chamber of Commerce 

Endorsement by County Supervisor Jack Sellers

“In these extremely challenging times, experience really matters! Rick Huemann was an outstanding Council Member and Vice Mayor while serving with me on the Chandler City Council and we are so fortunate that he is willing to serve again. Please join me in voting for Rick Heumann.”

Jack Sellers – County Board of Supervisors – former Vice Mayor and Council Member of Chandler City Council

Endorsement by State Senator Sean Bowie

“I’m proud to support Rick Heumann for Chandler City Council. Rick’s extensive experience and pragmatic, collaborative approach to public policy is needed now more than ever. He will make a great addition to the council, and I look forward to working with him on issues impacting the city of Chandler.”

Sean Bowie – State Senator LD 18

Endorsement from Former Mayor Boyd Dunn

“I have worked with Rick Heumann for years and I know Rick works for all citizens of Chandler. From his service on planning commission to City Council, he brings a unique perspective that makes our city a better place. Rick’s dedication to economic development, enhanced development requirements and City parks have made a significant impact on Chandler. I am happy to endorse Rick for Council.”

Boyd Dunn – Corporation Commissioner, Past Mayor of Chandler